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Running for City Commissioner – District 2

The Experience we need for Winter Springs

“Your purpose will only be found in service to others, and in being connected to something greater than you!”

Victoria Colangelo is a Florida Native and University of Central Florida Graduate running for Winter Springs Commissioner District 2. She has been a Winter Springs resident for 15 years, and prior to that lived in Oviedo for 10 years.

Victoria Colangelo is running on the platform of Sustainable Living, Smart Growth, Fiscal Responsibility, Clean & Safe Drinking Water, Wastewater Compliance, Environmental Protection & Preservation of the Environment as her top priorities. Victoria is committed to bring the City of Winter Springs: transparency, honesty, open communication and an open mind.

My Mission and Vision

I have a vision for what our hometown can be, and the experience to preserve what makes Winter Springs a great place to live. Please support me, Victoria Colangelo to be your next Commissioner, let’s discuss how our community can grow together.

Winter Springs Water Quality

Winter Springs Water Quality

Water quality and ensuring a cleaner and clearer future is a top priority for my campaign.

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Development & Traffic

Development & Traffic

The current proposed Super Walmart plans are not something for us to worry about unless we change the zoning.

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Water Treatment Failures

Water Treatment Failures

As a resident, I am concerned by the failures to report, neglected procedures and what sounds like inadequate general maintenance of the system.

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Meet Victoria Colangelo

I am a Mother, a 18-year Entrepreneur, an owner of 3 Businesses, and a Homeowner in Winter Springs who is Transparent, Fiscally Responsible & Accessible looking to make a difference!

I have lived in Winter Springs for 15 years, and prior to that lived in Oviedo for 10 years. I am a passionate advocate to preserve our water and wetlands and I started a small business which has facilitated taking over $50 million from developers’ deep pockets and making them invest it back into preserving our environment.

While my opponent broke his campaign promises by voting for dozens of special exceptions to allow development projects to move forward, I have been working to enhance and restore our ecosystem, tirelessly striving to offset the damage done by politicians empty promises.


Victoria Colangelo's
Priorities Include:

✓ Safe neighborhoods and top-notch police protection

✓ Fiscally responsible budgeting and low taxes

✓ More local dining and a thriving commercial district

✓ Improved parks, youth sports and family events

✓ Advocate for Conservation

✓ Improve the Quality of our Drinking Water

✓ Improve the Wastewater Infrastructure

✓ Avoid Fines by Florida Agencies for Consent Orders

✓ Advocate a Friendly Government for Residents and Businesses that want to work with us

✓ Requiring a Cut off of Meetings at 9:30pm at night, so important discussions, decisions and votes are not happening in the middle of the night

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We need a Winter Springs City Commissioner in District 2 that represents the people not the powerful. Help us spread the word that Victoria Colangelo is from our community and will represent everyone in our community. Thank you for your contribution and your vote on November 8th!