New Proposed Independent Living Facility; a 65+ community

New Proposed Independent Living Facility; a 65+ community

1164 E. State Road 434 Winter Springs, FL 32708

±180,348 sq. ft., 4-story independent living facility; with a two-story 22,430 sq. ft. clubhouse/communal living area and bistro and with two four-story residential wings with 144 units and a total of 157,918 sq. ft.

The project site is made up of two parcels, one in Winter Springs and one in Longwood. The parcel in Winter Springs is 7.66 acres and makes up 92% of the site while the parcel in Longwood is 0.70 acres and makes up the other 8% of the site.

The proposed development will have a central clubhouse that will offer a restaurant, bistro, hair salon/spa, small movie theater, and areas for arts and crafts.

The applicant’s fiscal impact analysis, estimates that the increase in annual tax revenue for the city will be in excess of $90,000.

State of Seminole County Update: Insights and Initiatives

State of Seminole County Update: Insights and Initiatives

Good afternoon, Winter Springs residents,

I’m excited to share a comprehensive update on the recent State of Seminole County presentation. As your City Commissioner, it’s crucial to keep you informed about developments that directly impact our community.

During the presentation, County Manager Darren Gray provided a detailed overview of various initiatives and accomplishments in Seminole County over the past year. Here are some key highlights that I believe are particularly relevant to Winter Springs:

1. Economic Development and Infrastructure:

  • Seminole County has implemented a five-year economic development plan aimed at supporting businesses of all sizes. This includes the creation of a liaison service to streamline the permitting process for new businesses.
  • The county is also working on significant infrastructure projects, including the assessment and maintenance of public facilities and the launch of a mobility plan to address traffic congestion and road expansions.

2. Public Safety Enhancements:

  • The county has opened a new fire station in Altamonte Springs and is currently constructing another in the Markham Woods area. These additions will enhance our emergency response capabilities.
  • Seminole County Fire Department has achieved national accreditation, a testament to their commitment to excellence and best practices in public safety.

3. Environmental and Community Initiatives:

  • The county successfully facilitated the purchase of the Yarborough Ranch, preserving 1,400 acres of rural land for conservation.
  • Efforts are underway to address flooding issues in the Midway area, providing much-needed relief to residents affected by recent hurricanes.

4. Community Engagement and Services:

  • A new community center will be built at the site of the historic Rosenwald School, offering career opportunities and community gathering spaces.
  • The county’s animal services have enhanced their adoption programs, ensuring better care for pets in our shelters.

5. Future Projects:

  • Plans are in motion for an indoor sports facility near the Orlando Sanford International Airport, which will serve as a hub for youth sports and community events.
  • Discussions about the renewal of the penny sales tax are ongoing. This tax has funded numerous improvements in Seminole County, and its renewal is essential for continued development.

I want to assure you that I am dedicated to ensuring Winter Springs remains a vibrant and thriving community. These updates are a testament to the collaborative efforts of our county and city officials. I encourage you to stay engaged and informed as we continue to work towards a brighter future for all residents.

For more detailed information, please visit Seminole County’s website.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our community.

Best regards,

Victoria Bruce City Commissioner, Winter Springs

Winter Springs Comprehensive Plan Update 

Winter Springs Comprehensive Plan Update 

Dear Residents,

Earlier this month, Winter Springs initiated the process to update our comprehensive plan, setting the stage for a forward-thinking vision that will guide our community’s growth and development.

After issuing a Request for Proposals, we received bids from three esteemed planning firms: Inspire Placemaking Collective, RVi Planning and Landscape Architecture, and LPG Urban & Regional Planners, Inc. Following a thorough evaluation, Inspire Placemaking was selected to collaborate with us on this important endeavor. With their wealth of experience in comprehensive plan updates across Florida, including projects in Pasco County, Palm Bay, and Cocoa, we are confident in their ability to help us shape the future of Winter Springs.

Our current comprehensive plan, adopted in 2012, is due for an update to reflect the evolving needs and aspirations of our community. Through a two-phase approach, we will address state requirements in Phase 1 and embark on the broader 2050 Comprehensive Plan update in Phase 2. This process will be characterized by robust public engagement, ensuring that your voices and priorities are heard every step of the way.

As we plan for the future, accommodating projected population growth is a key consideration. With Winter Springs experiencing steady growth, it’s essential that we plan for housing and infrastructure to support our expanding community. By adhering to state projections and addressing the medium projections set forth by the University of Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research, we are laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and development.

While we embrace growth, we also recognize the importance of responsible development. Last year, we implemented a moratorium on new development to assess our stormwater system following Hurricane Ian. While this decision slowed down some projects, it underscored our commitment to prioritizing community safety and infrastructure resilience.

As we embark on this comprehensive plan update, I encourage all residents to stay informed and engaged in the process. Your input is invaluable as we chart the course for Winter Springs’ future. Together, we can ensure that our city remains a vibrant, inclusive, and resilient community for generations to come.

Warm regards, 

Victoria K. Bruce City Commissioner, Winter Springs

Chris Dougherty of Inspire Placemaking Collective speaking during the May 13 Winter Springs City Commission workshop meeting. (City of Winter Springs)

Phase 1 of the comprehensive plan will address state requirements. Phase 2, set to kick off in Aug., will consist of the wider 2050 Comprehensive Plan update and is scheduled for adoption by June 1, 2025. (Handout from City of Winter Springs)