A Commitment to Transparency: Winter Springs and the JLAC Audit

A Commitment to Transparency: Winter Springs and the JLAC Audit

As your Commissioner, I’m committed to ensuring that Winter Springs exemplifies transparency and fiscal responsibility. The recent notice from the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC) regarding our financial reporting is a critical reminder of the importance of adhering to state statutes. While it’s concerning that our city, along with others, has been flagged for not submitting financial reports for FY 2021-22, I want to assure you that we are taking swift actions to rectify this situation.

Meeting these reporting requirements is not just about compliance; it’s about demonstrating our commitment to transparency and securing the future funding necessary for our community’s growth and well-being. Being punctual and accurate with these reports showcases our city’s dedication to good governance and trustworthiness.

I am pushing hard to ensure not only that our past due reports are submitted promptly but also that our most recent financial reports are filed on time. This level of diligence is essential in maintaining the confidence of our residents and state officials alike.

Your trust is paramount, and I am dedicated to upholding it by ensuring that Winter Springs stands as a model of transparency and fiscal integrity.


Victoria Bruce

City Commissioner, Winter Springs

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