Wastewater Treatment Facility FDEP Consent Orders

Wastewater Treatment Facility FDEP Consent Orders

The consent orders shared here should most certainly be characterized as serious.  Some of the findings could possibly or probably indicate antiquated infrastructure but most of what is included here would suggest either a lack of staffing, or operator competency.  There are just so many failures to report, neglected procedures and what sounds like inadequate general maintenance of the system.  I am quite concerned as a resident of Winter Springs.  

The partially untreated discharge events are always quite serious and would have a profound negative impact on water quality in the watersheds where it was released and perhaps even create a human health hazard for people unaware, recreating in nearby waters.  However, to have several of these and not report them, there would have to be a significant plausible explanation for that to go un-disciplined, if not termination of responsible parties.

I also found myself wondering, maybe more importantly, how did they respond to the order?  There may be circumstantial reasons for the findings, like staff turnover.  However, once the order was issued, one would think getting it right would be prioritized.

Regardless, why have the residents of Winter Springs not be told about this situation? Why does our City use communication as propaganda for re-election instead of shooting straight with residents. Moreover, why are there so many failures and why were they never reported?

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