Super Walmart Plans for the Greenway Interchange District

Super Walmart Plans for the Greenway Interchange District

The current Proposed SUPER WALMART Plans WILL NOT HAPPEN ON MY WATCH. This would require a CHANGE to the ZONING, which I am NOT interested in. Current Commissioner Cannon refuses to say NO to Super Walmart, calls 200 acres “vital for the future of economic development.”

Currently, the property is classified as the Greenway Interchange District (GID)

The intersection of State Road 417 and State Road 434 is known as the Greeneway Interchange District (GID) and lies within the Seminole Way corridor. The GID has the largest consolidation of vacant developable land within the City under one ownership.

Target Industry Uses appropriate for the GID include:

• Financial and Information Services

• Legal Services

• Architectural Services

• Publishers

• Associations

• CPA’s

• Headquarters

• Insurance

• Banks

• Telemarketing Bureaus

• Financial Transactions Processing

• Public Relations Agencies

• Credit Bureaus

• Advertising Agencies

• Consumer Lending

• Title Companies

• Computer Software and Design

• Life Sciences

• Hospitals and Medical Education

• Diagnostic Imaging Centers

• Medical Laboratories

• Agri-science Facilities

• Outpatient Facilities

• Blood and Organ Banks

• Research Laboratories

• Nursing Care Facilities

• Veterinary Services

• Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Research

• Digital Media

• Motion Picture and Video Production

• Simulation and Training

• Teleproduction

• Graphic Design

• Computer Hardware/Software

• Design and Development

• Animation

• Technical and Research Services

• General Management Consulting

• Marketing

• Interior Design

• Graphic Design Services

• Human Resources and Executive Search

• Environmental Engineering and Consulting

• Precision Instruments

• Civil Engineering Surveying and Mapping

• Telecommunications

• Industrial Design

• Lasers and Photonics


• Long-Term Tourism

• Convention Center

• Hotels and Lodging

• International Trade

• Sports Associated Industries

• Other “basic” businesses and industries with high annual average wages

6 Replies to “Super Walmart Plans for the Greenway Interchange District

  • JRoberts

    By JRoberts


    I’d prefer a Super Walmart rather than some of the things that area is already zoned for!… telemarketing bureaus, pharmaceutical manufacturing and research, credit bureaus, laboratories!! No thanks!

  • Lin

    By Lin


    You would rather have traffic from a Super Walmart, a hotel, high density housing, and numerous other storefronts? Not me and probably no one else in town.

  • Ann

    By Ann


    You didn’t show the whole segment. Walmart is not about high paying jobs. This is misleading – there has never been plans for a Walmart there. I spoke with Kevin Cannon personally. Please do your own research.

  • Mark

    By Mark


    This property is zoned for hi-tech businesses, not a Walmart. It would require a zoning change. Mr. Cannon cannot say not to a proposal that has not officially been made. He made it clear he does not favor the idea. I was at the meeting. I live across the street from the proposed area. I am in favor of the way it is zoned now.

  • Nancy Celleri

    By Nancy Celleri


    Denuding large areas of trees is IRRESPONSIBLE no matter what is being built.

    Creating bare asphalt parking lots plays into increasing urban hotspots.
    Urban areas with a larger amount of tree cover are cooler than areas with few trees and a large amount of hard surfaces. Trees can also filter fine dust and remove carbon dioxide from the air. They provide shade and beauty, but they can also intercept and absorb water, which reduces runoff from storms and FLOODING events!!!!!!

    Please THINK b4 u cut…too much damage has been done these past few years 😔

  • Jenny D.

    By Jenny D.


    I agree with Nancy above. Keep Winter Springs GREEN! We have TOO MUCH pavement, too much black top, too many buildings as it it. Grass, parks, water ways, trees, trails, keep these places for our wild life, children, families, residents to enjoy – please!

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