Winter Springs Broken Promises: Kevin Cannon Winter Springs Development Projects

Winter Springs Broken Promises: Kevin Cannon Winter Springs Development Projects

Didn’t Winter Springs Commissioner Kevin Cannon make campaign promises to STOP development in Winter Springs?

Although Commissioner Cannon (elected 8 years ago in 2014) made campaign promises to stop development, here is a partial list of projects which have been passed while he has been in office since 2014, all of which a) he has voted to advance at some point or b) have passed through a commission whose votes he controls, giving him political cover while allowing the projects to continue:

  1. Southern Oaks (54 units)
  2. The Blake Apartments (279 units)
  3. Vistawilla ALF (77,000 SFT)
  4. Integra 360 (360 units)
  5. The Enclave at Dunmar (8 units)
  6. Redbug (Morningstar) Self-Storage
  7. Northern Oaks (35 units)
  8. Tuscawilla Crossings (379 units)
  9. Hawthorne ILF (145 units)
  10. The Gatherings (108 units)
  11. Dream Finders (114 units)
  12. The Studios at Tuscawilla
  13. Hickory Grove (132 units)
  14. Winter Springs Marketplace (Aldi’s, etc)



At times the City tries to placate public pressure, “voting down” certain procedural elements, while allowing projects to continue. The most recent example of this is when Winter Springs Commissioner Kevin Cannon made a BIG DEAL “disagreeing” with some aspects of the Hickory Grove townhomes Winter Springs consisting of 132 units about to be added near Town Center, but then voted in favor of the motion to remove up to 1,000 trees, including some specimen trees, in order to allow the demolition project to move forward

Does this sound like a man who “tried” to stop certain things from happen or a man who is trying to shift the blame for their own broken promises?

4 Replies to “Winter Springs Broken Promises: Kevin Cannon Winter Springs Development Projects

  • Art Gallo

    By Art Gallo


    If developers are following our city’s building codes, the City is subject to law suite & large fines by stopping legal development (voting “no”). So our Commissioners voted “yes” because the developer did everything they were legally bound to do IAW our City Codes, and they are bound to follow the law and the City Code. The only way to truly control development that is not desired, is through the establishment of good, smart city building codes. The Commission has done much recently to improve our city building codes.

    • Victoria Colangelo

      By Victoria Colangelo


      Art, the issue we have is that Cannon says no development, by voting no, but then does the opposite and approves for large majestic oaks to be removed so that development can occur. If he truly, voted no, why not also vote no on the special exception to remove the large oaks?

  • Diane Burge

    By Diane Burge


    I am beginning to believe that politicians are professional liars. He campaigned saying no developments, what a lie 😡. He won’t get my vote.

  • Sarah

    By Sarah


    You have our support Victoria! Thank you for all your work

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