Winter Springs Gee Creek Update

Winter Springs Gee Creek Update


The City of Winter Springs Public Works staff has been focused for the past few weeks on the debris clean-up No Name and Gee Creeks. The City is aware of the sediment build-up at the culverts on Alton Road and attempted to remove the sediment in-house but the cities equipment could not reach far enough into the creek bed. The City has since contracted a vendor to do so and they are scheduled to address this in late March/early April. They are doing the same for other areas throughout the City.

Once we receive formal notification from NRCS of our funding for the larger debris clean-up, such as larger trees, we will solicit one maybe two contractors to complete the clean-up; which is anticipated to be completed in May 2023.

Gee Creek is a 5.0 mile stream.

This waterbody is located within: Lake Jesup Watershed Gee Creek Watershed

Size and Volume

Length within Atlases

4.97 miles


Lake Kathryn, Seminole County


Unnamed Swamp West Of Lake Jessup

Drainage Basins

Middle St. Johns River

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