The Rise & Fall of the Lake Jesup Water Treatment Facility

The Rise & Fall of the Lake Jesup Water Treatment Facility

In 2012, Winter Springs finished construction of the Lake Jesup Augmentation Facility. The plant would draw water from Lake Jesup and filter it to supplement Reclaimed water for the City of Winter Springs, to keep up with the increase of development.

However, the TOXIC Algae Bloom in Lake Jesup hindered this concept!!! The Lake Jesup water plant filters were continuously clogged by the toxic algae. In fact, the entire State of Florida has not yet found a solution to remove the excess nutrients of phosphorus and nitrogen. The main culprit is Fertilizer, Sewage being put in the Lakes, and Surrounding Septic tanks.

Fixing harmful algae blooms requires correcting the underlying problems that led to their growth in the first place. Because the toxins in algae blooms can spread rapidly.

The St. Johns River Water Management District has launched a pilot program which was implemented in August 2021 to harvest and remove algae, suspended solids and associated nutrients from Lake Jesup’s waters.

A harvesting unit mounted on a barge will be transported around Lake Jesup so that algae can be harvested at various locations. An innovative dissolved air flotation technology will be used to attach microscopic air bubbles to algae and suspended sediment, allowing efficient separation of algal biomass and clarified water. Clarified water will return to the lake while algal biomass will be managed/treated at Seminole County’s Yankee Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Are you Utilizing Drinking Water for Irrigation???

The majority of Winter Springs Neighborhoods like Tuskawilla Crossing, Oak Forest, etc… are currently utilizing Potable Water (From the Aquifer) to irrigate their land. Currently the City has plans to can provide adequate reclaimed water to meet the needs of the development through piping which is included in the new $100 million dollar Wastewater Improvements.

Other neighboring properties, have older infrastructure that needs to be replaced or fixed, as some areas of Oak Forest do not have any access to Reclaimed Water!!!

It is the City of Winter Spring’s responsibility to provide this infrastructure to our residents.

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  • Vicki Hopper

    By Vicki Hopper


    Parts of the Highlands doesn’t gave reclaimed water.. is there way we could get it instead of new developments.

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