Wastewater Unauthorized Discharge

Wastewater Unauthorized Discharge

September 8, 2022

Winter Springs West WRF

Facility ID No.: FLA011067

Seminole County

Subject: Unauthorized Discharge at 1000 W SR 434

The Department acknowledges that Winter Springs West WRF has reported an Unauthorized Discharge of 84,000 gallons of fully treated wastewater on August 29, 2022. The Department acknowledges receipt of the necessary information related to the spill.  The Department is not initiating formal enforcement proceedings at this time; however, this memorandum does not preclude the referenced spill from further action in the future in accordance with Sections 403.121, 403.131, 403.141 and 403.161, Florida Statutes.

Cody D. Keen

OPS Environmental Specialist I

Central District, FDEP

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