A Quest for Clarity: Winter Springs’ City Manager Search

A Quest for Clarity: Winter Springs’ City Manager Search

UPDATED 11/21/2023 @ 1:32PM

Doc Drops Out!

Doc drops out of the City Manager Hiring Process, despite being ranked #1 out of 5 candidates. He said he was insulted with the way 2 of the 5 commissioners approached the recruitment process. Therefore, he drops out with an email to the Mayor and Blind Carbon Copies 3 of the 5 commissioners.

Per Wikipedia; “In some cases, the use of blind carbon copy may be viewed as mildly unethical. The original addressee of the mail (To: address) is left under the impression that communication is proceeding between the known parties, and is knowingly kept unaware of others participating in the primary communication.”

Only a FOIA request would uncover this fishy behavior, showing that the email was sent via BCC.



Hello, Winter Springs residents. I’m Commissioner Victoria, and I want to share my perspective on the ongoing city manager search in our beloved community. It’s essential to shed light on my concerns and reservations about this process because, ultimately, our city deserves nothing but the best leadership.

LinkedIn Posting Puzzlement

Let’s start with the LinkedIn posting. I was puzzled by the fact that the city manager position was not listed on our official City of Winter Springs LinkedIn page but on a duplicate. It might seem like a small detail, but it raised questions about the professionalism and accuracy of the recruitment process. Why was such a crucial posting not on the correct platform?

The Top Five Candidates

As the search progressed, my concerns grew. Korn Ferry presented us with what they considered the top five candidates. However, I, along with many others, failed to see what set them apart. Three of these candidates had no prior experience as city managers, while the other two had only five years of experience in that role. This misalignment with our city’s expectations left me deeply concerned about the qualifications of these selected few.

Our Expectations

Winter Springs had specific criteria in mind for our new city manager. We needed a candidate with experience in city management, finance, and utilities—a well-rounded skill set crucial for effective leadership. Unfortunately, the selected candidates did not seem to meet these expectations.

Fears Confirmed

Throughout this city manager search process, I voiced my doubts and concerns. I even expressed reservations about Korn Ferry’s recruitment methods. I feared that the process might have been compromised from the start, especially considering that the decision to hire Korn Ferry was made without consulting the Seminole County recruiter.

As I saw only five applicants make it to the final stage, my apprehensions grew stronger. I began to worry that the former assistant manager, who had initiated the Korn Ferry partnership, might not have the city’s best interests at heart.

The Call for Transparency

In the midst of this controversy, I called for greater transparency. I requested the names and locations of all 200 applicants because I believed that the candidate pool was not up to par. My concerns weren’t just for myself but for the entire community that deserves nothing but the best leadership possible.

I want to assure you, Winter Springs residents, that my perspective comes from a place of dedication to our city. I am committed to upholding high standards for our leadership because our community deserves nothing less. As this controversy unfolds, I hope that we can collectively work towards a transparent and effective city manager selection process that will serve the best interests of Winter Springs and its residents.

2 Replies to “A Quest for Clarity: Winter Springs’ City Manager Search

  • Bob Sibley

    By Bob Sibley


    This process was completely rigged and thank you from calling out this conspiracy to control the selection! Korn Ferry is not well respected in the head hunter community. This is a fact. They are a second rate firm.

  • John Horan

    By John Horan


    Under the city’s charter it takes a supermajority of four votes to select a city manager. The present composition of the commission is a split 3-2. Considering the way the mayor and commissioners Johnson, Benton and Elliott have treated the two new commissioners who were elected last November, I doubt that there is enough trust to select a new city manager at this time. Given the status of the ongoing audits and investigations of the city, I don’t think this is wise time to select a new city manager. That there was no local candidate who was shortlisted for interviews leads one to the notion that the city suffers from a bad reputation. Under new leadership, which the voters can install this November, we will be able to attract local candidates who are well qualified and understand the region and the issues that are peculiar to it.

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