Finding an Alternative to the Building Moratorium in Winter Springs

Finding an Alternative to the Building Moratorium in Winter Springs

On Monday, December 12, around 11pm; the City of Winter Springs approved a 90 day Ordinance for a Temporary Moratorium to stop development in Winter Springs. I voted NO for this unnecessary measure, which will exhaust unnecessary time, energy, resources and money. The proposed moratorium will negatively cast Winter Springs as a city “that is not open for business” and deter investors. The adoption of a moratorium is serious business. When Winter Springs set its intention to adopt a moratorium, residents were up in arms! This Moratorium does not solve the existing issues that we have with our current infrastructure; we need to prioritize maintenance, our systems have not kept up to par with the existing lift stations, stormwater ponds and clearing the creeks. The solution is simple and we don’t need 90 days to evaluate our options. The solution is to maintain and pump our current stormwater ponds, clear the creeks and evaluate our lift stations and wastewater plants vs. halting new development.

Alternative: I do believe the City should implement a system that requires developers to adhere to stricter standards for stormwater pond construction and maintenance. These regulations should go beyond the 25 year flood standards and should work to create a system that priorities regular maintenance of stormwater ponds. Developers should also be required to keep records of their maintenance practices. The City should incentivize developers to participate in regular maintenance that are proven to offer consistent and effective stormwater management.

This decision does not need 90 days! Government is already slow, why put us behind even further? We need to solve the correct problem, and not push it out to our new potential partners.

A national grocer is currently evaluating options to utilize the property behind Mobile Gas Station on SR 434, and this moratorium could potentially turn away new projects that would enhance Winter Springs; and our quality of life!

We need to be focused on Maintenance of our existing structures. That is the Solution. I ran on the platform of Pro Environment, Pro Economy. And this 90 day moratorium to halt development is unnecessary for the economic unintended consequences of this decision.



Other Highlights:

The city also gave an update on the improvements that are being done with the stormwater system design around the Town Center and the new Hickory Grove development. The update shared includes large pipe improvements which will drastically reduce the flooding in at Village Park and Michael Blake. It was also recommended by Michael Blake himself during public input that the city go back and look at the maintenance schedules originally approved for these developments and get back to maintenance schedules required. Advocacy for these types of flood prevention improvements is how we can solve the flooding problems.

Pickleball court conversation was tabled to give commissioners more time to research. Recent cost estimates have the project $250,000 over budget. Also questions remain about the number of courts. Do we really need 14 courts? Are the courts tournament compliant so that the option of future city revenue from group events is possible? 

The City Manager admits water system failures of the past have forced him to rent equipment the city may need in the event of more water plant failures.  Boyle admits the condition of water plants is worse than he thought. Engineers working on plant repairs say the plant has not been properly maintained for over 10 years. Boyle estimates the cost to rebuild the plants is $75M and that he has a clear path to pay for them. Yet rate study being done early next year could show that costs to replace are much higher. During public input former Commission Kevin Cannon spoke and said the previous City Manager kept him in the dark about the plant conditions. Clearly trying to distance himself from accountability.

Meeting started at 6:30 and ended at 11:30pm. Moving forward we will need to address the length of these meetings. We can accomplish this by streamlining the agenda, asking commissioners to meet with department heads prior to the meeting. These meetings should be no longer than 3 hours. When it goes for a vote to extend, it should not pass and the meeting should be over immediately. No last public input, no reports, nothing. If needed we can reconvene at a future date.  This ensures the Citizens business is being done in the sunshine and not in the middle of the night.



Articles/Audio of Meeting:

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MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2022 – 6:30 PM

6 Replies to “Finding an Alternative to the Building Moratorium in Winter Springs

  • Bob Sibley

    By Bob Sibley


    Parkstone supports your vote against the moratorium. It is unnecessary and another Cannon bad idea. Your suggestions make more common sense. Stick with them and know intelligent people will eventually come around to your position.

  • Aixa Trevino

    By Aixa Trevino


    There should be a building moratorium until the issues with the waterways are completely resolved and beyond in my opinion! The ambiance of Winter Springs has been destroyed with overdevelopment! The wildlife habitats have been destroyed and we have wildlife roaming around neighborhoods looking for food.
    Fix the problems, hurricane season will be upon us soon and some of us are still displaced and homes are are still being repaired! I have seen no action from the city to clean up debris from the creeks. We still have a tree in No Name creek on Sailfish Road, since Ian!
    Keep moratorium in place until the waterways problems are resolved!

  • Israel

    By Israel


    Thank you Victoria for providing this recap! Please continue to the common sense fight to make Winter Springs a better place to live.

  • Debbie Rice

    By Debbie Rice


    What a pleasure it was to receive a synopsis of the meeting!. So often, I will refer back to posted meeting minutes to be kept informed and updated, and there is very little to read.
    So many meetings are canceled, and it seems that there is no business to be taken care of. This newsletter shows there’s plenty to be addressed in Winter Springs.
    Thank you, Victoria!

  • Catherine Four

    By Catherine Four


    Thank you for the info. I’m so tired of the he says she says all not the full truth. Keep sending those infos that you right or wrong. Nobody’s is perfect anyway.
    Saying this please, ” pretty please”, if there are new developments make sure they keep the trees. Winter Springs was know for its trees, big joke now I see more concrete than trees and when there is a tree it’s a midget one

  • Chris Schultz

    By Chris Schultz


    Thank you. I live in the Highlands. Sheoah circle, which is the bottom of the Highlands. Flooding is our biggest concern here. All my neighbors are dealing with Ian flood damage. I escaped by inches. We appreciate any help.

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