Winter Springs Golf Course: Understanding the Proposed Development

Winter Springs Golf Course: Understanding the Proposed Development

Winter Springs Golf Course sits in The Highlands community, which already has around 1,400 homes. It’s a 133-acre area that’s been under a public conservation agreement since 1984.

Key Points of the Proposal

Here are some main things Pulte Group is suggesting:

Keep some old fairways and lakes as open spaces or areas where people can hang out quietly.

Set aside 10 acres for expanding the sewer plant, working with Carollo Engineering.

The idea is to build different kinds of units:

  • 272 townhomes
  • 41 bungalows
  • 179 cottage homes
  • 492 units altogether

What About Green Spaces?

Though Winter Springs usually requires 5% of a project to be open space, this plan offers 44% for public use and recreation.

Is There Room for Shops?

Yep, the development is proposing around 12 acres for commercial space along State Road 434.

Living in the Community

The proposal includes walking paths and quiet areas for residents, which would be taken care of by a homeowners association.

So What Happens Now?

There are a bunch of official steps, like changing some city plans and zoning rules, before any of this can happen. The biggest road block? Asking the city commission to lift more than 100 acres of conservation easement on the property.

Disclaimer: All information is based on the current proposal and is subject to change. Please visit the official Winter Springs website for the most up-to-date information.

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