Navigating Our Future: Water & Wastewater Rates Update

Navigating Our Future: Water & Wastewater Rates Update

Dear Winter Springs Residents,

As your City Commissioner, I’m committed to ensuring our community thrives, not just today but for generations to come. A vital part of this commitment is managing our water and wastewater services efficiently and sustainably.

Recently, we undertook a comprehensive Rate Study to evaluate our current water and wastewater systems. The goal was clear: to ensure we can continue providing reliable services while planning for future growth and infrastructure improvements.

Key Highlights:

  1. Investing in Our Infrastructure: The study outlines necessary upgrades to our systems to meet increasing demands and environmental standards.
  2. Balanced Rate Adjustments: We’re proposing gradual rate adjustments. This approach ensures we cover costs without placing undue burden on our residents.
  3. Comparison with Neighboring Communities: Our rates remain competitive, providing value while ensuring service reliability.
  4. Looking Ahead: The adjustments will also support our long-term capital improvement projects, ensuring we’re prepared for the future.

I understand rate changes can be concerning. However, these steps are crucial for sustainable service provision and environmental stewardship. I assure you, every decision made is with our community’s best interest at heart.

For a detailed breakdown and more information, please visit our website. Your feedback is invaluable as we navigate this journey together.

Warm regards,

Victoria Bruce City Commissioner, Winter Springs

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