Background of the Parkstone Artesian Well

Background of the Parkstone Artesian Well

Residents of Winter Springs, it’s crucial we turn our attention to an important issue impacting the Parkstone subdivision — their artesian well. 

More than a year ago, I visited the well with Bob Sibley, the former HOA President of Parkstone. During our visit, we learned about the well’s capacity to produce one million gallons of drinkable water every day. This well, near the Central Winds water reclamation plant, could have been an invaluable resource for the City of Winter Springs. However, the city’s persistent use of water from the polluted Lake Jesup has further complicated water management challenges in Winter Springs.

Now, in February 2024, the situation remains largely unchanged. The well continues to flow, yet the city’s water management challenges continue.

In the blog below, Bob shares the history of the well and the challenges faced by the Parkstone community. These insights provide a deeper understanding of the well’s significance and the impact of these unresolved issues on Winter Springs.

For a comprehensive understanding of the well’s history and the ongoing efforts to address this issue, I invite you to read Bob Sibley’s full blog.

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