What has Kevin Cannon’s Advocacy Done For Winter Springs?

What has Kevin Cannon’s Advocacy Done For Winter Springs?

City Budgets and Fiscal Responsibility

Cash Rich, Water and Infrastructure Poor

In the spirit of bragging about our strong financials, Kevin Cannon and our City Manager have ignored the lessons of the past. In 2017 during IRMA millions was set aside to avoid this situation, but it was never executed. We have a multimillion dollar Lake Jesup Waste Water Plant that has never worked right and we recently learned will never work correctly. So we brag about the money we save but watch our city’s infrastructure completely fail across the board? Not the advocacy we need for our community.

Please watch the video below.


Voting on Development to Increase Traffic

Although Commissioner Cannon (elected 8 years ago in 2014) made campaign promises to stop development and reduce traffic, here is a partial list of projects which have been passed while he has been in office since 2014, all of which a) he has voted to advance at some point or b) have passed through a commission whose votes he controls. These developments have overburdened our roads and water systems as we all saw during Ian.

Some Projects Since 2014
  1. Southern Oaks (54 units)
  2. The Blake Apartments (279 units)
  3. Vistawilla ALF (77,000 SFT)
  4. Integra 360 (360 units)
  5. The Enclave at Dunmar (8 units)
  6. Redbug (Morningstar) Self-Storage
  7. Northern Oaks (35 units)
  8. Tuscawilla Crossings (379 units)
  9. Hawthorne ILF (145 units)
  10. The Gatherings (108 units)
  11. Dream Finders (114 units)
  12. The Studios at Tuscawilla
  13. Hickory Grove (132 units)
  14. Winter Springs Marketplace (Aldi’s, etc)


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