Candidate Night Recap

Candidate Night Recap

The afternoon started with a little rain, but the residents still came out and enjoyed the food trucks and community. The Trotwood Park pavilion provided excellent cover. After spending a few hours with the residents, it was time to head over to Tuscawilla Country Club for Meet the Candidate night. It was a fantastic day.  The opportunity to speak with residents of our community is the fuel that powers my campaign.  The things I hear and learn during these events are the very things I will be fighting for when I am elected.  Collaborative leadership is what our city needs right now.

“We need to be a good steward of the land and also our neighbors as far as the school board, and the county and the other municipalities around us, and right now I am not hearing favorable things about our city and they’re begging me to win,” District 2 candidate Victoria Colangelo said.

“Let’s not rip down 100-year-old trees and then plant a tree that’s, you know, a seedling,” she said.

Check out this article and full audio from the event:

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