Winter Springs Election Results 2022 

Winter Springs Election Results 2022 

I want to thank all the residents of Winter Springs who came out to vote. Words cannot express how humbled and grateful I am for your support for me to be your City Commissioner.

When I first decided to run back in June, many told me that I had no chance and it would be virtually impossible to beat a man who held office for 8 years.

Now, five months later, we are victorious.

Throughout this campaign, we have tried to share the message that as residents of Winter Springs we expect more. It is not acceptable to not be fully transparent and honest with residents about all matters. We expect more from Winter Springs and our government.

Because of the help from supporters like you, we were able to beat Kevin Cannon and start the city down a new path. A path that demands excellence in every aspect of our government.

Our campaign received support from all parts of Winter Springs. We heard from and received votes from each and every corner of our city. After early voting we had a sizeable lead and then last night, our lead grew and you elected me to be your new Winter Springs City Commissioner for District 2.

None of this would be possible without resident support like yours!

You are the reason I ran for office. To be a voice for all residents and to work to keep Winter Springs the reason we all moved here.

Thanks to your help and your vote, I will now be able to work to keep Winter Springs one of the best cities in Florida.

We’ve accomplished a lot during this campaign: Bringing light to the Parkstone artesian well, discussing the challenges with our water infrastructure and understanding our pond and creek maintenance. But of all the concerns, the biggest concern by residents is the concern of overdevelopment. 

Our work has only just begun.

Last night’s tremendous win is the spark needed for Winter Spring’s future.

I will fight for Winter Springs like I fight for my own family and my own business. I will not back down from anyone in my efforts to keep Winter Springs one of the best cities in Florida to live.

Because of your trust in me, Winter Springs will remain one of the best places to raise a family, school our children and run a business. 

In Winter Springs, Florida the future is bright.

Thank you again for your support.

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  • David Mattice

    By David Mattice


    Don’t go back on your word. We put you there because we wanted the overcrowding of the roads and overtaxing on our homes to stop. Development has to take a couple of steps back. It’s killing this once perfect city. When I read statements like, “The proposed moratorium will negatively cast Winter Springs as a city “that is not open for business” and deter investors.” I get the feeling you’re going back on what was promised. Since Winter Springs has jumped on the road of prosperity, my business tax more than doubled, just in the last year. My property tax on the house we’ve lived in for 45 years has skyrocketed. Roads are more congested than ever, and the infrastructure has not kept up. We didn’t believe the lies against your campaign and voted for you. You are the front line of defense for the people who put you there, not the the “Good Ole Boys” or the businesses who are more concerned about their bottom line than the final problem. You know that, because that is what you ran on.

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